2D and 3D Modelling

3D Modelling & Digital Twins

Digital twins are meticulously crafted to provide a precise representation of our physical world, offering a deeper understanding and interpretation of our surroundings. These virtual replicas can range from small machine parts to expansive tracts of land and find applications across various sectors, including architectural design, archaeology, engineering, insurance, and property sales, among others.  

At Zoarizon, we specialise in using drones to capture data from the air, which we then use to construct our digital twins. These models can be viewed directly or imported into other applications for further manipulation and enhancement, providing versatile and valuable tools for a multitude of professional fields.  


By leveraging advanced drone technology, we ensure high accuracy and detail in our digital twins, making them indispensable for tasks such as precise architectural planning, thorough archaeological documentation, intricate engineering analysis, comprehensive insurance assessments, and effective property marketing. This integration of aerial data collection and digital modelling sets us apart, enabling : 

UAV missions can be fully automated and systematically scheduled to comprehensively capture entire geographic areas. The resulting data can be instantly accessible to any business unit worldwide for detailed analysis. This information can be updated as frequently as necessary, providing an accurate and timely representation of ongoing developments and changes. 

UAV surveys facilitate the rapid collection of high-quality data across various scales and resolutions, distinguishing them from other survey methods. This speed and flexibility make UAVs an excellent choice for topographic surveys, archaeological aerial reconnaissance, and building documentation. Surveys can be highly localised or encompass entire landscapes. The captured images can be stitched together to create a single comprehensive photographic dataset or used to produce a detailed 3D photogrammetric model. Additionally, UAVs can collect aerial video and photography, serving as a valuable supplement to other survey techniques. 


  • Always Available 
  • Virtual Analysis 
  • Automated Data Capture 
  • Immediate Distribution 

Relevant Sectors

Utilities, Infrastructure & Transportation

Facilities Management

Construction & Built Environments


Our drones are ready to fly

Due to the very nature of our work some of it can be very much influenced by the weather. Therefore we have a wide range of drones and payloads in our fleet ready to go at a moments notice to get you the best results.
What we offer

Our drones are ready to fly.

Thermal Imaging

Using visual and infrared drone technology, we perform visual and infrared building surveys.

Aerial Surveys

Whether you need agricultural land of industrial land surveying the use of drone can greatly increase speed and accuracy.

Aerial Photography

Fantastic detailed aerial photographs are a great way to stand out from the crowd in a competative market place.

Building Inspections

Using aerial imagery and footage for surveys has the advantage of providing clean, crisp images or videos.


Land surveying and mapping can be performed faster and more efficiently with drones, while maintaining a high level of precision and accuracy.

3D Modelling

3D and 2D models are extremely detailed digital assets that offer accurate and realistic representations of their real-world counterparts.