Utility Companies

Drones in Utility Operations: Transforming Inspection and Maintenance Practices

All utility companies must conduct regular infrastructure inspections to proactively identify and address potential issues before they escalate. Historically, these inspections necessitated personnel physically accessing elevated, high-voltage areas, posing significant safety risks and logistical challenges. However, advances in technology have introduced more efficient methodologies for these inspections, notably through the use of drones. The deployment of drones for infrastructure inspections offers numerous advantages, encompassing both financial savings and enhanced safety. By leveraging drone technology, utility companies can perform thorough and accurate assessments while mitigating the inherent hazards associated with manual inspections. 

Drones can effectively perform inspections on various components of utility infrastructure, including generating stations, transmission lines, and substations. Utilising advanced imaging and sensing technologies, drones can efficiently and accurately assess the condition of these critical assets. This innovative approach not only reduces the time and costs associated with traditional inspection methods but also enhances safety by minimising the need for human workers to enter hazardous areas. Read on to discover the multifaceted benefits and applications of drones in structural inspections. 


Types Of Infrastructure Inspections & How Drones Are Used

Drones are increasingly being utilized for various types of infrastructure inspections due to their ability to access hard-to-reach areas, capture high-resolution images, and enhance safety and efficiency. Here are some key types of infrastructure inspections and how drones are employed: 

Bridge Inspections

Power Line Inspections

Wind Turbine Inspections

Pipeline Inspections

Solar Panel Inspections

Railway Inspections

Building and Roof Inspections

Dam Inspections

Communication Tower Inspections

Our drones are ready to fly

Due to the very nature of our work some of it can be very much influenced by the weather. Therefore we have a wide range of drones and payloads in our fleet ready to go at a moments notice to get you the best results.
What we offer

Our drones are ready to fly.

Thermal Imaging

Using visual and infrared drone technology, we perform visual and infrared building surveys.

Aerial Surveys

Whether you need agricultural land of industrial land surveying the use of drone can greatly increase speed and accuracy.

Aerial Photography

Fantastic detailed aerial photographs are a great way to stand out from the crowd in a competative market place.

Building Inspections

Using aerial imagery and footage for surveys has the advantage of providing clean, crisp images or videos.


Land surveying and mapping can be performed faster and more efficiently with drones, while maintaining a high level of precision and accuracy.

3D Modelling

3D and 2D models are extremely detailed digital assets that offer accurate and realistic representations of their real-world counterparts.