What we offer

Our drones are ready to fly.

Thermal Imaging

Using visual and infrared drone technology, we perform visual and infrared building surveys.

Aerial Surveys

Whether you need agricultural land of industrial land surveying the use of drone can greatly increase speed and accuracy.

Aerial Photography

Fantastic detailed aerial photographs are a great way to stand out from the crowd in a competative market place.

Building Inspections

Using aerial imagery and footage for surveys has the advantage of providing clean, crisp images or videos.


Land surveying and mapping can be performed faster and more efficiently with drones, while maintaining a high level of precision and accuracy.

3D Modelling

3D and 2D models are extremely detailed digital assets that offer accurate and realistic representations of their real-world counterparts.

Our drones are ready to fly.

Due to the very nature of our work some of it can be very much influenced by the weather. Therefore we have a wide range of drones and payloads in our fleet ready to go at a moments notice to get you the best results.
Why choose us

We have the most advanced drones.

Advanced Drone Technologies

Our organisation possesses cutting-edge drone technology and sophisticated software systems, representing the forefront of technological innovation in this field. Our drone fleet incorporates state-of-the-art features that enable precise control, advanced imaging capabilities, and efficient data processing. Complementing our hardware, our software solutions leverage the latest algorithms and machine learning techniques to optimize performance and enhance operational efficiency. Together, these tools empower us to deliver unparalleled results and maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving landscape of drone technology.

Swift Turn Around

We will initiate our efforts promptly to manage the drone data survey assets and ensure their timely delivery to you at your earliest convenience.

Low Cost

We provide our clientele with exceptionally competitive pricing across our diverse array of aerial drone services. Our commitment to affordability ensures that our offerings remain accessible without compromising quality or expertise. This dedication allows us to deliver exceptional value to our customers while maintaining the highest standards in the industry.

Minimal Disruption

With their ability to safely navigate challenging terrain and inaccessible regions, drones offer a valuable solution for minimising potential risks to our clients and their teams. Whether it's reaching difficult-to-access areas or dealing with high-risk situations, drones provide a seamless and secure approach. By effortlessly exploring these spaces, they offer a comprehensive and panoramic perspective of buildings and assets.

High Resolution Images

Following the completion of our aerial survey, we will promptly deliver high-resolution photographs to you in the format of your choice.

4K Video

Through the adoption and implementation of cutting-edge technology, we have enhanced our capability to deliver exceptional video content efficiently and effectively. This incorporation of state-of-the-art technology enables us to optimise the delivery process, ensuring the highest quality of video content for our clients.

No Requirement For EWP / MEWP

Drone aerial footage presents a streamlined and more secure method for conducting surveys of construction sites. This technology eliminates the necessity for Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs), Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs), and their operators, thereby fostering a safer working environment for employees. By leveraging drones, construction firms can significantly reduce the risks associated with traditional surveying methods involving elevated platforms, thus enhancing workplace safety standards.

No Requirement For Scaffolding

By availing our drone survey services, you can circumvent the inconvenience, costs, and time-intensive procedures associated with erecting scaffolding. This approach enables significant time and cost savings, facilitating adherence to project schedules and budgets.

Minimal Health & Safety Risk

Enhancing safety measures for construction workers is of utmost importance. Our adoption of aerial drone surveys presents an effective means to mitigate health and safety risks on your construction sites. By leveraging this technology, we can significantly reduce the need for multiple pieces of equipment and operators, thus enhancing overall safety and efficiency. This approach not only minimizes potential hazards but also optimizes resource utilisation, contributing to a safer and more streamlined construction process.

Environmentally Friendly

Drones contribute to the reduction of carbon footprints through the streamlining of inspection processes and the elimination of reliance on heavy machinery. This efficiency enhancement results in decreased operational time and energy consumption.

Specialist Software & Survey Reporting

Utilising specialised software, drone-acquired data can undergo real-time analysis or be processed post-inspection, leveraging cloud platforms or local servers for computation and storage. This approach enables efficient and timely examination of drone-collected information, facilitating rapid decision-making and comprehensive analysis of the data's implications. The utilization of cloud-based solutions enhances scalability and accessibility, while local server deployments offer robustness and privacy benefits in managing sensitive datasets. By harnessing these technological capabilities, organizations can optimise the value derived from drone missions across various industries, from agriculture and infrastructure to environmental monitoring and public safety.


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